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Our Story

The original material of Elesol was first synthesized in 1930 by Yogoro Kato & Takeshi Takei of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Made with this Japanese technology, Elesol was developed in late 2016.

Elesol focuses on making energy consumption simpler, affordable, and eco-friendly. We value the relationship we have with our customer. So. we’ve developed our product keeping our customers’ opinion in mind. Thousands of companies are satisfied with the experience Elesol brings with its advanced energy-saving capabilities.

Now we are bringing Elesol to India. Come and be a part of our mission to free the world from energy waste and create a better future.

Our Mission

We’re committed to redefine energy consumption by reducing energy waste and electricity costs.

Our Vision

To build a greener planet and reduce energy waste to zero by helping businesses save electricity.

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About Coppermint Global LLP

CMG LLP is promoted by people distinguished in their own fields having cumulative business experience of more than 60 years. Referring to the diversity in their fields, they have a 360 degree view of respective sectors and other major sectors as well.

Considering that India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, it has a potential to become the richest economy in the coming future with opportunity of attracting heavy investments from distinct places. Since, there will be more demands for different forms of energy in near future, the farsighted promoters of the organisation are constantly doing their best in renewable energy sector, developing means for conservation of energy in more efficient manner.

To achieve this aim of energy conservation, CMGLLP has collaborated with world’s most advanced technological developers and brought these solutions to Indian markets .

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