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Case Study

Manufacturing industry- 10% Energy Save


The client has a large manufacturing unit which uses a lot of electricity every month. And a huge portion of electricity is wasted due to noise.  

The client wanted a solution by which he can reduce the noise and save on the electricity bill. 


To reduce electricity consumption and save electricity bill


ElesolIndia offered them six Elesol plates to install in their units. Elesol plates are highly energy efficient. Moreover, Elesol plates are eco-friendly and do not have any harmful effects.

  • Extremely tiny and lightweight ( 21.5g)
    • Dimensions:50mm width × 3.5mm depth × 25mm height
    • Weight: Approximately 21.5g
  • Can install in any type of electrical component
  • Extremely eco-friendly
  • Reduces power consumption up to 10-15%
1. Manufacturing Industry A
2. Manufacturing Industry B

The client has seen a drop in electricity consumption by 10.3% only after two months.