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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find more about Elesol? The answer lies in our about page.
  1. Do we have other energy-saving products like Elesol in the market?

Yes, you can get other products like PFC, electronics breakers, LEDs, demand controllers, and heat utilization systems. But, in terms of capital expenditure, these products can cost you a lot of time and money. With Elesol you can get the same results in less cost.

  1. How harmonics can affect the transformer?

Harmonics can affect the life-span of the transformer by more than 40%. That means, if the life-span of a transformer is 20 years, harmonics will reduce it to 12 years. 

  1. I have already installed a solar plant, can I get additional electricity savings?

Yes, even after using Solar plant, LEDs or any other energy-saving system, you can get further energy savings. 

  1. Does Elesol work after using PFC or other energy-saving measures?

Yes, Elesol works perfectly even after using PFCs or other energy-saving measures. 

  1. How can I know Elesol reduces electricity consumption in my factory?

Once you install Elesol, you can confirm the previous months and years of electricity-consumption. 

  1. Will Elesol affect the voltage?

Elesol does not affect the electrical circuit or voltage. 

  1. Will I get any demo or trial before purchasing Elesol?

Our business policy is, we first install the Elesol plates as a trial basis. Next, we will closely witness the electricity consumption pattern of each customer and show them results on how much energy they are saving. The results may vary for each customer and based on the results we sell our product. 

  1. Will Elesol start working immediately after installation?

After installation will start working immediately. But you immediately can’t see the effect of saving electricity in numbers. However, your monthly electricity bill will be strong evidence that Elesol is working. 

  1. What is the difference between PFC and Elesol?

Both PFC (Power Factor Corrector) and Elesol can decrease the harmonics or noise in the current. But the moan difference between them are:

  • You have to connect the PFC to the circuit, but Elesol doesn’t need to be connected to the circuit.
  • Elesol is more effective as it’s installed at the load side while PFC is located at the LT side.  
  • Elesol doesn’t consume power but PFC does. Elesol compliments the PFC doesn’t affect it. 
  1. How can we detect the noise, which causes electricity loss?

You can use the Gauss Meter to detect the noise. 

  1. Does Elesol affect the performance or life-span of power cables?

No, Elesol doesn’t affect the power cables in any way. 

  1. How long Elesol plates last?

Elesol plates don’t require any power to use, so it can’t get damaged by itself. Also, it doesn’t contain any electronic parts or components. That means you can use Elesol plates semi-permanently.  

  1. How do we measure the savings from Elesol?

We measure the saving by comparing two distinct years of the same month. Also if you want to measure the immediate savings, compare your electricity consumption to the past month. (prior month’s output may be higher / lower than the present month’s manufacturing).