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What is

You may not realize it, but the machines you use in your facilities can waste a lot of electrical energy. In most cases, some electrical energy going into your generators or pumps transforms into useless heat and noise during energy transformation. 

That means you’re paying for the electricity you’re not even using!

This is where Elesol comes to the rescue. By installing Elesol Electromagnetic Plates in machines and devices, you can enhance their ability to reduce high-frequency electronic noises.

How Can Elesol Plate
Reduce Electrical Loss?

Once you paste the “elesol” on a breaker, it will immediately start to reduce electricity loss. Here’s how the mechanism works:
The electricity used in most of the factories and companies comes in the form of “Alternative Current Waves”.

Alternative current periodically reverses its direction, whereas direct current flows in a constant direction.

Machines in factories produce noise! And this “noise” or “harmonics” flows along with the electric current wave.

During energy transformation, some of the energy transforms into noise and heat. Breakers and inverters are common sources of noise.

After installing Elesol you can absorb the noise with its “filter effect”.

Elesol will remove the noise inside the electric current wave and transfer only useful energy.

By removing the noise, you’ll “suppress” unnecessary useless electric loss.

Installation of Elesol> Remove noise > Remove emission of electromagnetic waves> Reduction in electricity consumption

Product Specifications

Body dimensions> 50mm width × 3.5mm depth × 25mm height

Product weight> Approximately 21.5g

Power supply> Unnecessary  

Colour> White

Your Safety Matters The Most To Us.

Elesol has Passed Multiple Credibility Tests to Match Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection Standards

Ready to save money on your next electricity bill?

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