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Redefine Power Efficiency
with Elesol!

Pay for only the energy you use and save between 8-15% on your electricity bill with Elesol.

How does the Elesol Plates work?

Installation of Elesol
Remove Noise
Remove Emission of Electromagnetic Waves
Reduction in Electricity Consumption

Why Choose Elesol?

Elesol electromagnetic plates are designed to save a lot of energy waste by reducing electromagnetic waves.

No More High Electricity Bill

With Elesol you can save between 8-15% on your monthly electricity bill.

Reduce Energy Waste

Contribute to a clean future with eco-friendly “Elesol” plates.

Perfect Compatibility

Elesol plates are perfectly compatible with all the machines and appliances in your factory.

Trouble-free Maintenance

Elesol doesn’t require any construction or extra maintenance.

Enhance the Lifespan of Your Machines

“Elesol” reduces noise and heat and enhances the longevity of machines.

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What Does Elesol Offer?

Reduces Electricity Bills
Reduces I2R Losses
Controls Heat and Prolong the Longevity of Machines
Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Easy Installation
Immediate Results
Zero Space Requirement
Maintenance Free & Lifelong Power Saving Service